Poorly created SciArt

Because sometimes the pen is mightier than the keyboard 🎨

A big interest of mine away from research is art, and what better way to bridge the gap between art and science than SciArt? Despite my limited skills, I find creating small pieces of artwork to be extremely satisfying and a nice change of pace from the normal academic life.

I believe the link between science and art is extremely important. I think having an appreciation of artistic concepts improves figures in acadmeic pieces of work. Illustrations are also a great way of dissemminating information to non-specialists (and specialists) in a way that is both accessible and (hopefully) memorable. As the old adage goes, a picture paints a thousand words.

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8-bit 👾

I love the accessibility of 8-bit style drawings, they are a bit of fun, but I think their simplicity makes them suitable for poster and oral presentations too. Here are a few examples.

When I finished sampling a species for my PhD

Because field work is just real life Pokemon isn’t it?

alt text

Comic style art

Comic style pieces hopefully show that not all scientists take themselves (or their research) too seriously.